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A new solution, for a growing market

Our mission is to empower financial institutions with cutting-edge technologies that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive cost savings—all while prioritizing top-level security. Through innovative technologies like DLT, cloud computing, and micro-services, we're helping lenders save valuable time at every step of the lending journey. We are starting with the end-to-end workflow of the Administrative Agent that will serve as a foundation to build all Loan Servicing and Trade Settlement capabilities over time. 

Discover a New Choice

Modern Technology



Daml Smart Contracts modeled after golden source data (e.g. Credit
Agreements & Admin Detail Forms). Directly addresses manual intervention,
data quality issues and reconciliation.

Canton Protocol synchronizes participant nodes while ensuring robust privacy.


Streamlined processing and automation facilitates faster and smoother
financial transactions.

Target Operating Model

Deployment and Upgrades


Enhanced Efficiency supported by LendOS to simplify and automate
processes, reducing manual work and operational costs for our customers.


Elimination of traditional upgrade cycles utilizing the benefits of cloud and
feature upgrade framework.

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